ogaOga Otumala is a true rarity. He rose from the humble beginnings of Igede land in Benue State, where he was born in the 60’s, to the height of performing arts in Nigeria and Africa in the 80’s.

Described as one of Atlanta’s most notable producer, Oga Otumala has captivated both aspiring musicians and audiences all across the nation. His status as a seminal figure was solidified by his various accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

He first fell in love with music when he was in elementary school. He amazed his parents and school teachers when he constructed a guitar out of bamboo plant before he even learnt the art of playing the instrument. This laid the groundwork for his thrust into the world of music.

He first made his debut appearance in front of large audiences with live performances on television programs. A few of which include popular programs like “Youth Panorama” and a radio show called ” Youth Forum“. Oga Otumala thrilled and captivated his audiences. The strength and soulfulness of his songs at an early age was remarkable. He has remain true to his own vision and distinct sound.

Before leaving for the United States in 1988, Oga had already left a huge mark winning seven first prizes, two of those international precisely: The Greenbelt World Music Festival, London and the All Africa Music Festival in Kenya.

In 1987 Oga was the only Nigeria representative in the USAID for Africa where he co-toured over 40 countries with other international artists for the “We Are The World” project to raise funds for the famine in Ethiopia. Before he left Nigeria, he had a national tour where he performed for several state governors as well as performing for four presidents of African countries.

Not only in Nigeria and Africa has Oga made his mark, in his 27 years stay in the United States, Oga has further worked so hard not just as a singer, songwriter and performer but also as an artist developer, producer and engineer.

Consequently he is the first and currently the only producer born on African soil to be a three category-voting member of the Grammy Awards, the highest entertainment body in the world.

In 2006, Oga’s song, “I Am An African” became the first English number one song in Addis Ababa and was also translated to Amharic and performed by an Ethiopian Artist. The song generated the interest of the African Union (AU) to be made as an anthem for Africa.

For his song “DANCE WITH THE DEVIL”, he won an award at the Actors, Models & Talents Competition (AMTC) for best songwriter of the year in 2008 in USA.

In 2013, Oga’s song “AMERICA RECOVERS” was commissioned for the National event of the 50th commemoration speech, “I HAVE A DREAM” by Dr. Martin Luther King in Washington, DC before president Obama, Clinton, and Carter.

He was also honored at the 50th NOBEL PEACE PRIZE event of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 2014 with the performance of his song “AMERICA RECOVERS” by the ICONIC JOURNEY group in Atlanta, GA USA.

He has established himself as a poet of situation, prophetic, philosophical and sensational singer-songwriter. Internationally, music industry observers view Otumala as a man of great honor and talent. Many refer to him as dependable and honest man.

Oga Otumala is a humanitarian. Throughout his career, he has also dedicated his life to fight for humanity, assist and mentor emerging artists and producers. Such commitment has created not only hope in aspiring young talents but also a foundation to embrace perseverance for greater success.


Above all, Oga otumala is an ordained minister with the heart of an Evangelist and passion for soul winning. His objective is to use music as a medium of reconciling humanity back to God.

Oga Otumala’s songs are highly anointed with deep lyrical content that leaves everyone with a positive impact.

So wherever you are, let’s do something together for the glory of God and the good of humanity. Oga History